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ZRAK “Pantsir-M” passed the combat exam at sea


The newest anti-aircraft missile and artillery system (ZRAK) “Pantsir-M”, installed on board the small missile ship “Odintsovo”, repelled an air raid and a cruise missile strike. The adoption of the ZRAK by the Russian fleet will make it almost invulnerable to air strikes, experts interviewed by Izvestia said on Wednesday, October 21.

“Shell” at its zenith: “Karakurt” received a unique air defense system On the small missile ship “Odintsovo” tests of new anti-aircraft weapons

According to the Ministry of Defense, M-6 small-sized aircraft targets supplied by the Su-27 fighters of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation were used as air targets. As Izvestia was informed in the military department and the military-industrial complex, the exam results were recognized as successful. The anti-aircraft complex successfully hit targets at long range, then at medium and close range finished off the “enemy” with cannons.

“When operating at sea, there are many additional factors to consider, such as sea waves. This requires different hardware. Successful live firing paves the way for serial production of the Pantsir-M complex and their installation on other ships. Odintsovo is the first to have such a system on board, ”noted military historian Dmitry Boltenkov.

As expected, “Odintsovo” will become part of the 1st Guards Division of the 36th brigade of missile boats of the Baltic Fleet. His ships are at the naval base in Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region).

Read more in the Izvestia article:

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