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Waited for “superhunter”: the schedule of deliveries of the newest Mi-28NM is approved


Super Night Hunters were allowed to take off. The Ministry of Defense approved an updated schedule for the delivery of Mi-28NM attack helicopters to the troops. By the end of the year, the industry should transfer two serial machines out of the ordered 98 to the Aerospace Forces, sources in the military department told Izvestia. And in 2021 – to produce three more. These “Superhunters” will also be used for testing and training pilots. The Mi-28NM will radically enhance the capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces. After all, a link of such machines is capable of replacing the Mi-24 squadron of old modifications, experts are sure.

Home stretch

Sources in the military department and the military-industrial complex told Izvestia that the delivery schedule for the first serial Mi-28NM has already been approved. Two vehicles are planned to be transferred to the troops by the end of this year. In 2021, the military will receive three more. These helicopters will be used to train instructors and practice methods of combat employment of “Superhunters”. In subsequent years, the rate of production of the Mi-28NM will sharply increase.

In September, Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding, said that the first of the built serial machines is undergoing state tests, and on the second, new, faster rotor blades are being tested.

Season of the “hunter”: Mi-28NM is being prepared for serial production Earlier, a prototype of the helicopter has already taken part in hostilities in Syria

Earlier, Izvestia reported that the state joint tests of the helicopter are planned to be completed by the end of the year. At the same time, it is possible to adopt it into service with remarks that will be eliminated already during the deployment of mass production.

Combat vehicles are produced under a 2019 contract signed after a personal order from President Vladimir Putin to increase purchases of the Mi-28NM. By the end of 2027, the Aerospace Forces will replenish 98 such helicopters with improved characteristics compared to the conventional Mi-28N.

The Mi-28NM attack helicopters will be able to perform the same tasks as the machines of previous generations, but they will do it much faster and more efficiently, ex-commander of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Army Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko told Izvestia.

“Now the troops are in dire need of new machines,” Valery Gorbenko told Izvestia. – We still have Mi-8 and Mi-24. The latter are being replaced by the Mi-28NM. They have much more advanced weapons and sighting system. And the Mi-24s have already worked out their own, they were used in Afghanistan. The Mi-28NM is an all-weather helicopter that can take off at any time of the day. Its efficiency is much higher than that of previous generations of machines. If earlier, when solving a problem, it was necessary to use the entire link of the Mi-24, now it will be possible to solve it with the help of a couple of machines. This will save engine life, spare parts, ammunition and fuel.

Range and speed

When developing the Mi-28NM, all of its main components were modernized. Among the key changes is the ability to use much longer-range missiles. The armament will include not only “Chrysanthemums”, but also the latest “product 305”, also known as “light multipurpose guided missiles.” Their range is estimated at 15-20 km. In the future, it is possible to use Hermes-A ammunition, capable of hitting targets within 100 km.

Save the Crocodile: Mi-24s begin the life of night predators The most recognizable helicopters of the Russian army aviation will undergo a total modernization

One of the most serious differences of the Super Hunter was the H025 overhead radar station. It allows the helicopter to detect targets outside the visual range in any weather and direct missiles at them. It also helps you navigate at night and detect obstacles, including dangerous power lines when flying at low altitudes.

The absence of such a radar on the Mi-28N serial combat vehicles was regarded as one of the most serious shortcomings. It will help to use new long-range weapons and a completely redesigned sighting system with more powerful day and night optics.

Serial Mi-28NM are equipped with VK-2500P engines with extended service life. Their production was established in Russia under the import substitution program. The non-modernized vehicles were equipped with TV3-117 power plants, which were produced in Ukraine. Together with the improved all-composite rotor blades, this will increase the helicopter’s cruising speed by 10-13%.

Other advantages include the ability to operate the aircraft from either of the two crew seats, which will allow training pilots without purchasing a special combat training version of the helicopter.

In a combat situation

The need to modernize helicopters was demonstrated by the experience of their combat use in conflicts in the Middle East. Tests of conventional Mi-28Ns lasted from 1996 to 2008. The car was finally put into service only on October 15, 2009. It took less time to create a more advanced version. Flight tests of the first prototype began in August 2016, and production vehicles will go to the troops this year.

The fifth generation will be knocked out: the Mi-28NM helicopters will be turned into fighters The newest machines will receive missiles capable of hitting any air targets

For the first time in a real battle, the new Mil attack helicopters were used by Iraq, which purchased four dozen Mi-28NEs. Since 2014, they have been used in battles when liberating large cities of the country from the ISIS group (banned in Russia). The “Night Hunters” were also involved in the months-long battle for Mosul.

Russia has been using the Mi-28N in Syria since 2016. They were involved in the storming of Palmyra, and then in the defeat of a group of extremists in the Syrian desert and in the valley of the Euphrates River. The Ministry of Defense provided video footage of their combat work with both unguided and guided weapons. They capture the destruction of tanks, light armored vehicles and armed militant pickup vehicles.

In addition to the advantages, in the battles of the Mi-28N, disadvantages were also identified that would be difficult to detect during routine tests and exercises. They were also found on other aircraft models. In total, based on the results of the use in Syria, the defense department ordered work to improve at least 11 types of combat aircraft and helicopters.

I also managed to run in Syria after upgrading the Mi-28NM. This was first announced by the head of the defense department Sergei Shoigu a year ago. Previously, their combat use fell on the video filmed by the militants. An experimental helicopter was spotted in May 2019 in the north of Hama province, accompanied by an Mi-35M.


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