Hiển thị bộ lọc

In law enforcement agencies and special forces, nothing happens just for the sake of beauty! Any uniform, tactical equipment has its own unique purpose and meaning, designed for specific tasks and purposes.
If you want to grab the attention of those around you, wear a bright T-shirt. If you need to take as much ammunition with you as possible, sneak up to the enemy and remain unnoticed in the environment, then you cannot do without specialized things. This includes the equipment of the quân đội Nga, which you can buy in the Russian Combat Market store.
The term “thiết bị chiến thuật” was coined by marketers. So they tried to get rid of the military prefix when it came to uniforms. This made it more attractive to ordinary citizens who can also use it for peaceful purposes: fishing, hunting, hiking, airsoft and paintball.
Successful experience with such products has led to a significant increase in market demand. It began to be used by police and firefighters, rescuers and civilians.
In fact, the kit includes:
· Boots;
· Trousers (pants);
· Shirt (jacket);
· Unloading vests;
· Hats;
· Accessories;
· Backpacks (belts, gloves, watches, flashlight, knives, glasses, etc.);
· Holsters;
The US Armed Forces are considered the founders of fashion, but the quality and practicality of the Russian tactical gear has been appreciated all over the world.
At the moment, more and more people are interested in this category of goods. Manufacturers from all countries compete for buyers, trying to supply the markets with the highest quality, demanded and competitive products.
Despite the fact that initially all this was done only for the needs of law enforcement officers, today it is very popular among ordinary people who want to become the owners of comfortable and practical clothing and equipment in order to experience all its benefits from their own experience.
Manufacturers make sure that it serves the owner for a long time, which makes the purchase profitable from an economic point of view.
There is a conditional division of tactical equipment into:
1. Combat (full analogue of a military uniform, when there is no need to hide your affiliation with paramilitary formations);
2. Hidden (for use in urban environments looks like ordinary civilian clothing, but has pockets for hidden carrying weapons and ammunition);
3. Mixed version (does not look aggressive, more like a youth or sporty style);
The latter is especially popular with fans of the “military” style.
We have a huge selection of the above products, you can easily find what meets your requirements and requests. If you have any questions, our employees will be happy to answer them, provide you with highly qualified assistance.