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The Volga region and the Urals will be protected by record-breaking radars


The airspace of the Volga region and the Urals will be covered with powerful Sky-M mobile radars, sources in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia.

“Sky-M” is a record holder in terms of power among all mobile radar systems. According to the Almaz-Antey defense concern, at a distance of 600 km, the radar detects targets with an effective reflecting surface of 1 sq. m, which corresponds to a small private jet. If we abandon all-round visibility and concentrate all its energy in one direction, then the radar will see ballistic missiles in the 90-degree sector even for 1800 km.

“Sky-M” is capable of monitoring airspace over an area of ​​more than a million square kilometers around the clock.

New radars will be delivered to the 76th Air Defense Division located in the Central Military District. It is this unit that covers not only Samara, Yekaterinburg and their industrial clusters, but also the main Russian strategic aviation base in Engels.

Experts believe that the arrival of the “Sky-M” in the division is part of a plan to create a continuous radar field along the borders of Russia. With the help of such a field, they will track in advance the approach of military aircraft and launches of cruise missiles.

“These radars are absolutely necessary … At extremely low altitudes, there is no continuous control yet. The conflicts in Libya, in Nagorno-Karabakh show that different radar systems are needed, which allow working both for long-range, high-altitude and large targets, and for small-sized drones, ”said military expert Viktor Murakhovsky.

It is known that the Sky-M radar complex combines three independent radars, each of which is located on a separate vehicle.

Read more in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

Dome of “Sky”: the Volga region and the Urals will be protected by record-breaking radars


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