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The US called the Russian S-400 NATO’s “main fear”


The American magazine The National Interest has assessed the Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-400 “Triumph”. The article came out with the headline “Is the Russian system really NATO’s main fear?”

The authors emphasized that in recent years the Russian Federation has concluded many large contracts for the export of air defense systems. So, the S-400 was purchased by Turkey, China, India, and Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries expressed interest in it.

Missile defense: US will punish Turkey for Russian S-400s Administration of outgoing President Trump will not go against Congress on this issue

The air defense system was conceived as an improved version of the S-300, the creators supplemented it with new missiles, which made it possible to improve the characteristics and the list of functions performed.

The S-400s began to enter service in 2007 and contain a number of components, including combat control systems, surface-to-air missiles, and a logistics system that allows missiles to be stored and equipment maintained.

As added in the publication, the capabilities of the S-400 are significantly higher than that of the S-300. Triumph is “one of the main missile defense systems” and an important product that Russia offers for export. The system is versatile, anti-jamming and can track stealth aircraft.

Earlier, in December, the US State Department recognized the Russian S-400s in Turkey as a threat to the US military. According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the country’s purchase of Russian weapons endangers the safety of US soldiers and military technology. In addition, it provides the Russian Federation with access to the Turkish armed forces and its defense industry.

Deliveries of Russian S-400 air defense systems to Ankara began in mid-June 2019.


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