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The Russian military will strengthen surveillance of the Baltic


To enhance monitoring of the situation in the Baltic Sea, the military will use unique ultra-long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 of the Northern Fleet.

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Previously, these machines operated in the Atlantic and polar regions. The aircraft are equipped with modern reconnaissance equipment and a unique sighting system. The latter allows you to hit sea, land and even underwater targets with high accuracy. The strengthening of the air group in the Baltic is taking place against the backdrop of unfriendly visits by NATO ships to the water area.

These planes will only be recruited for patrols when needed. The first flights of machines over the Baltic were held as part of the Ocean Shield 2020 exercise. They proved to be an effective means of detecting ships.

The Ocean Shield 2020 naval exercise took place in July-August and was attended by the forces of four fleets.

Read more in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

Shadow of the “Bear”: Tu-142 will be connected to patrolling the Baltic


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