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The Russian military has reduced the time to strike the enemy by 2.5 times


Major General Aleksey Belousov, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces for Intelligence, spoke about the increased capabilities of Russian intelligence thanks to the new special equipment. According to him, the military managed to reduce the time from target detection to striking it by 2.5 times.

Non-statutory attitude: the Ministry of Finance has prepared a reform of the armed forces Among the initiatives of the department – a 10% reduction in the number of the armed forces and an increase in the age of retirement

According to him, reconnaissance units are now capable of revealing enemy targets to the entire depth of the zone of responsibility in real time.

“New technical means have made it possible to reduce by 2.5 times the time cycle“ reconnaissance-defeat ”of objects (targets),” he said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, published on Monday, November 2.

In the arsenal of Russian intelligence there are drones, radar devices that allow you to see the target in bad weather, Strelets-M systems, as well as the latest radio stations.

“And thanks to seismic sensors, it is possible to recognize the movement of equipment and people. All this information immediately goes to the intelligence control center and is used immediately, “Belousov emphasized.

All new funds help save the lives of servicemen, concluded the Major General.

On October 31, it was reported that the first batch of Patrol armored vehicles had arrived at the Russian military police units.

“Patrol” is built on the chassis of a KamAZ car, the body is an armored capsule and is designed to protect personnel from small arms damage and explosives under the wheels of the car, the bottom or from the sides.


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