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The Russian fleet will receive the “all-seeing” corvette “Sharp”


One more “all-seeing” corvette will soon join the Russian fleet. In the summer the battleship “Razkiy” will go from the dock to the sea. Its sea trials are expected to begin in the fall.

Will sail away into the past: by the end of the decade, the Navy will be radically updated By 2030, there will be no Soviet-built ships in the group of strategic missile submarines

Sources in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation told Izvestia that the schedule of work on completion, testing and transfer of the Project 20380 Sharp corvette to the Navy has been approved.

The ship is being built for the Pacific Fleet. In the fall, a full cycle of tests is planned, during which all weapons will be tested by practical firing at sea, ground and air targets, the operation of engines and communication equipment will be tested. In addition, the possibility of landing on the deck of the Ka-27PS helicopter will be tested.

Sharp is a Project 20380 corvette built according to an updated scheme. Thanks to a strong radar station and a long-range air defense system, the ship will become one of the most powerful in the Pacific Fleet. Thus, he has already received a powerful Zaslon radar, which is capable of detecting not only airplanes and helicopters, but also cruise missiles and drones.

So far, the location of the “Sharp” has not been determined. According to experts, he can strengthen the grouping in Primorye and the Kuril region.

“If the ship is based in Vladivostok, it will have to serve in the Sea of ​​Japan, guard the approaches to the Russian shores and from time to time participate in international exercises,” military expert Vasily Kashin told Izvestia.

However, there is an option for the ship to go to Kamchatka. Then he will solve the most important task – to ensure the exit of strategic missile-carrying submarines based on the peninsula to the sea.

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“Sharp” maneuver: the construction of the “all-seeing” corvette is nearing completion


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