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The Russian Airborne Forces will be the first to switch to the Kornet anti-tank systems


The divisions and brigades of the Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces) will be the first in the Russian armed forces to completely switch to the Kornet anti-tank missile systems (ATGM), sources in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia.

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The principal decision on large-scale deliveries of these weapons to the Airborne Forces has already been made. Rearmament will start next year, the Defense Ministry said. The paratroopers will receive both a portable version and mobile launchers on a wheeled and tracked chassis, which will completely replace the anti-tank missile systems they currently have in service.

The new complexes can be used in a variety of roles – from fighting armored vehicles to destroying helicopters and drones.

At present, the main anti-tank weapons of the paratroopers remain the older complexes – “Fagot”, “Konkurs” and “Metis”.

Colonel Valery Yuryev, deputy chairman of the Russian Paratroopers’ Union, told Izvestia that in recent years the Ministry of Defense has been increasing the fire capabilities of the Airborne Forces.

“Modern long-range firepower allows you to destroy the enemy in its deep rear without breaking through the defense,” he said.

The task of adapting the “Cornets” to the promising armored platforms of the Airborne Forces was issued in 2013 to the Tula JSC “Shipunov Instrument Engineering Design Bureau”.

Read more in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

“Cornets” in vests: paratroopers are rearmed with “killer missiles”


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