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The Ministry of Defense will strengthen the Baltic region with supersonic missile systems


The Russian Defense Ministry will build up coastal forces in the Baltic region. Next year a division of unique supersonic complexes “Bastion” will be deployed there, sources in the department told Izvestia.

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The emergence of modern coastal complexes (DBKs) in the Kaliningrad region was a response to the strengthening of the NATO grouping in Europe. If necessary, they can hit not only ships, but also work on ground bases.

“They will cover the entire Baltic Sea. These complexes do not know any blunders and pose a serious threat to warships. And in case of aggression against Russia, they can strike at ground targets, ”explained military historian Dmitry Boltenkov.

Mobile coastal complexes “Bastion” are armed with supersonic anti-ship missiles “Onyx”, which are capable of hitting a target at a distance of up to 600 km. Also, in the search for the enemy, they are assisted by target designation planes and helicopters with radar systems, as well as ships and submarines.

Also, due to the radar homing head, the Bastion missiles can hit ground targets with particular accuracy. Moreover, the missile’s range is even greater than that of the land-based Iskander.

Read the full version of the material in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

The Baltic is strong: the region will be strengthened by coastal missile systems


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