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The Ministry of Defense will receive more than 120 new BMPs in the next two years


In the next two years, the Ministry of Defense will receive more than 120 newest BMP-2M with the Berezhok module. It is expected that all vehicles will be sent to the Western Military District, sources in the military department and the military-industrial complex told Izvestia.

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According to the parameters of the contract, which Izvestia got acquainted with, by the end of 2022, the military department plans to receive 124 BMP-2M with the Berezhok module. The first batch of updated combat vehicles may arrive this year.

Formally, the BMP-2M is considered a deep modernization of the main infantry fighting vehicle of the Russian army, the BMP-2. But in fact, this is a completely new technique. In the course of the work, in addition to the Berezhok module (military designation BM B05Ya01), new turbocharged engines will be installed on the updated machines, the suspension will be strengthened and the armor will be increased.

The novelty is equipped with a whole arsenal of weapons – the Kornet anti-tank missile system, a machine gun, a 30-mm cannon and even an automatic grenade launcher. Also, the updated combat vehicle is equipped with the most modern optoelectronic systems, on-board computers and digital sensors.

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