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The Ministry of Defense told about the intelligence activity near the borders of the Russian Federation for the year


The number of foreign reconnaissance aircraft discovered in 2020 during flights along Russian borders has grown by 40% compared to last year. This was announced on Monday, December 14, at the RF Ministry of Defense.

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“In 2020, the radio technical troops revealed over a thousand facts of flights of foreign reconnaissance aircraft near the Russian borders. This is approximately 40% more than last year, ”the ministry said.

In total, this year, radio technical troops have discovered and escorted more than 2 million air targets.

Earlier that day, the Ministry of Defense announced plans to install new over-the-horizon radar stations (radars) in the south and east of Russia.

In addition, the possibility of over-the-horizon detection of air targets in the Arctic is being studied.

Over the past week, Russian radar stations have escorted 30 aircraft and six drones near the country’s borders, the defense ministry said. There were no violations of the borders of the Russian Federation.


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