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The Ministry of Defense summed up the results of the experimental air exercises


The command of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia summed up the results of the experimental exercises. According to Izvestia’s sources in the military department, the experience gained was recognized as successful.

Shock combination: S-400 and S-300 will be converted into arsenals Russian air defense systems will be able to simultaneously use several types of ammunition of different ranges

The maneuvers simultaneously took place in Karelia, Voronezh, Tver and Kursk regions, as well as at the training ground in the Astrakhan region. It is noted that the exercises were held back in September, but it became known about them only now. More than a hundred fighters, bombers and interceptors were involved in the experiment.

During the day, the aviation group reflected in real time a massive enemy strike, intercepted its targets and destroyed ground targets and air defense systems.

“It is not easy to strike and perform air defense functions at the same time: you need to track both the air and ground situation. Controlling strikes, aircraft lifting and their guidance while repelling raids is a serious task for the command and staff, “Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko told Izvestia.

Gorbenko also noted that due to the rapidly changing situation during the hostilities, units of the Aerospace Forces at any time can begin to operate in different regions according to a single plan. The crews and command and control of the formations must be ready to perform such tasks, the lieutenant general emphasized.

Read the full version of the material in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

Descended from heaven: the results of the experimental aerial exercises have been summed up


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