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The Ministry of Defense showed the launch of Bulava missiles from the Vladimir Monomakh submarine


The Defense Ministry demonstrated footage of the launch of four Bulava ballistic missiles from the Vladimir Monomakh nuclear-powered submarine in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The footage on Saturday, December 12, was published by the REN TV channel.

The missiles were launched as part of planned combat training activities. The destination was the Chizha training ground in the Arkhangelsk region.

The department noted that the flight of ballistic missiles “Bulava” was in the normal mode and the warheads successfully arrived in the specified area.

It is emphasized that the crew of the agro-industrial complex showed high professionalism and maritime training in the preparation and conduct of the salvo rocket firing.

The strategic missile submarine Vladimir Monomakh is a fourth generation nuclear submarine. It was launched in December 2012.

In mid-November 2015, its crew fired two Bulava ballistic missiles from the White Sea at the Kura training ground in Kamchatka from a submerged position. The first Bulava was launched from it in September 2014.


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