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The Ministry of Defense showed a video of a submarine that surfaced in Alaska


The Ministry of Defense showed part of the Ocean Shield 2020 military exercises, in which the nuclear submarine Omsk, which surfaced off the coast of Alaska, took part.

In the footage published by the military department, the submarine’s crew is preparing for an urgent dive and launch of the Granit anti-ship missile. Judging by the negotiations of the crew, the conditional target is located at a distance of 328 km.

The exercises took place in the water area of ​​the Bering Sea. Together with “Omsk”, the missile cruiser “Varyag” fired at a sea target. He launched an anti-ship missile of the Vulcan complex.

On the eve of the appearance of Russian warships in the Bering Sea, American fishermen complained. The US military command in Alaska said that the ships of the Russian Navy are in international waters, far beyond the territorial sea of ​​the United States, to participate in the upcoming exercises.

In response to a request to comment on reports of a submarine that surfaced near Alaska, the Russian Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) stated that there was no emergency situation.

The Pacific Fleet reported that Omsk and Varyag launched cruise missiles during exercises in the Bering Sea.

On August 1, a detachment of warships of the Pacific Fleet left the base in Vladivostok and went on a long voyage that would last more than two months. On July 19, the military personnel of the Pacific Fleet Marine Corps in Kamchatka made a march on equipment and in the area of ​​the Malaya Lagernaya Bay loaded onto large landing ships.


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