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The Ministry of Defense has shortened the repair time for the Magadan submarine


The repair of the project 971U Schuka-B nuclear submarine Magadan will be completed a year earlier than planned and will return to service in early 2022. This was reported to Izvestia on Thursday, September 24, at the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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According to the previous schedule, the repair of the submarine was supposed to be completed by 2023. The military department indicated that the submarine is also planned to be modernized, equipped with modern equipment.

“The robust housing is built to last for decades. If we install new weapons systems, a control system, and hydroacoustics, then the submarine will be able to effectively serve for a long time, ”said the former commander of the nuclear submarine, Captain First Rank Igor Kurdin.

The nuclear submarine has spent more than 7 years waiting for repairs, since the end of the last decade. Active work on its repair began only in 2019.

The submarine became part of the USSR Navy in 1991 and served in the 45th submarine division of the Pacific Fleet, and later in the 10th division. In 1993 it was named “Narwhal”. In 2001, by order of the Pacific Fleet commander, it was renamed “Magadan”.

“Now a series of diesel-electric submarines of Project 636.3 is under construction, one of which was named Magadan when it was laid down. So it is possible that the K-331 will be renamed after the completion of the repair, “- said military historian Dmitry Boltenkov.

Project 971 boats are considered one of the most dangerous in the world. They are practically not heard by hydroacoustic stations, and a whole arsenal of torpedoes and mines is placed on board these submarines. Ships “Shchuka-B” have good search capabilities, and also proved to be excellent in combat operation.

Read more in the exclusive material of Izvestia:

According to the “Shchuch” order: the repair time for the Magadan submarine has been revised


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