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The Ministry of Defense has determined the place of training for the military police


The Russian Ministry of Defense has determined the place for training personnel for the military police – from 2021 they will be graduated by the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School (MosVOKU).

As an experiment, the first recruitment of cadets for the specialty “Use of military police units” was held in an educational institution in 2017. The release of the “red berets” will take place only next year, but the experience has already been recognized as successful. According to Izvestia’s sources in the military department, the school was chosen well, and from next year the training of officers of the VP will be carried out on an ongoing basis.

Prior to that, personnel for the military police were trained in various educational institutions. In MosVOKU, the cadets received the following specialties: commander of a motorized rifle platoon, commander of a machine-gun and artillery platoon, commander of a security platoon. Now a few more have been added to them: the commander of the military police platoon, the commander of the disciplinary platoon, the head of the guardhouse.

Read more in the exclusive material of Izvestia:

“Kremlin berets”: selected university to train military police


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