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The Ministry of Defense announced the start of the exercises of the Caspian Flotilla


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Friday, October 16, announced the start of the exercises of the Caspian Flotilla as part of the final check for 2020. The department assured that the maneuvers do not pose a threat to neighboring countries and do not limit their economic activities.

Fight according to new rules: what the president saw at the Caucasus-2020 exercise For the first time, a modern element of the formation of troops – a “mobile echelon” was tested

The exercises involved six ships, seven aircraft and more than 400 military personnel. The maneuvers take place in the central part of the Caspian Sea north of the Absheron peninsula.

“During the exercise, the crews of the missile ships Dagestan and Tatarstan, as well as the small missile ships Uglich and Veliky Ustyug, will perform exercises in control artillery and missile firing at sea against air and sea targets, acting as part of a grouping, together with aviation of the Southern Military District, ”the message says.

As part of the maneuvers, the naval strike group will work out the tasks of deploying support, protection and defense forces of objects of maritime economic activity, as well as the destruction of conditional illegal armed formations in the area of ​​protected objects.

“The exercises are carried out to control and assess the level of combat training, technical readiness, staffing with weapons and military equipment of the Caspian Flotilla formations and military units,” the ministry added.

Earlier, in September, the strategic exercises Kavkaz-2020 were launched in the Southern Military District (YuVO). More than 80 thousand people were involved in the maneuvers. In particular, the military practiced highly maneuverable defense with the participation of motorized rifle subunits with the support of artillery, massive bombardment of simulated enemy targets at ranges near Astrakhan, and also showed effective protection against tank attacks.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appreciated the maneuvers carried out excellently.


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