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The military staged a shooting for the veteran of the missile forces


In Khabarovsk, the military staged a personal shooting for the former commander of the missile forces of the Far Eastern District, Colonel-General Leonid Shivdyakov in honor of the Day of the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Rocket Forces), which is celebrated on Thursday, November 19. This was announced by the REN TV channel.

The military also showed the veteran how reconnaissance is carried out using drones. Shivdyakov liked the shooting. He noted that the control of units is becoming more and more automated, and the effectiveness of the troops has doubled.

November 19 was established as the Day of Artillery by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated October 21, 1944. The date of November 19 was chosen for the following reason: On November 19, 1942, with the powerful artillery preparation of the Red Army, Operation Uranus began – a Soviet counteroffensive during the Battle of Stalingrad, the beginning of a radical change during the Great Patriotic War.

It is noted that the modern missile forces and artillery include the missile forces and artillery of the Ground Forces, the artillery of the coastal forces of the Navy and the artillery of the Airborne Forces.


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