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The military expert named the main goals of the Yars complex


The main goals of Yars are objects, the defeat of which is feasible only with the use of thermonuclear weapons, Director of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis Alexander Mikhailov told Izvestia on February 1.

Earlier, on January 29, the Russian Ministry of Defense first spoke about the characteristics of the strategic complex with the Yars-S intercontinental ballistic missile.

At a rocket pace: what are the prospects for Russian strategic forces In the coming year, the program of re-equipping the Strategic Missile Forces with new equipment should be completed

Like the predecessor of Yars, Topol, the new complex is mobile and capable of striking enemy territory from those areas from which they are least expected, and just as quickly leaving the place of a possible retaliatory strike, said Alexander Mikhailov.

“Warheads for individual guidance, capable, according to various sources, to carry thermonuclear charges with a capacity of 150 kilotons, or about 10 Hiroshima, to half a megaton of TNT equivalent,” the military expert replied.

According to him, the warheads move along the trajectory set by the guidance unit in orbit, and when entering the atmosphere, the engine mounted on the warheads spins around the axis of motion to stabilize the course when flying in the atmosphere.

Warheads enter the atmosphere at a hypersonic speed of about 7 km per second, remaining practically inaccessible to enemy missile defense. Further, everything depends on the infrastructure of the enemy, said the director of the Bureau of Political-Military Analysis.

“A half-megaton charge could wipe out a city the size of New York or Los Angeles. And also to destroy a large military base or industrial facility – factories, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric stations and dams, power plants, large ports, airfields and cosmodromes, ”Mikhailov said.

Depending on the power of the charges and the depth of the enemy’s underground objects, the results of the strike may not be fully achieved, the military expert added.

“You can hide from the Yarsa warhead at a depth of at least 100 meters or in the air at a distance of several tens of kilometers from the epicenter, or on a submarine that has sunk to the maximum depth, if we are talking about a strike on port zones,” the military concluded political scientist.

Yars-S is a strategic missile system with a solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile, mobile and stationary, with a multiple warhead.

As reported, the Teikovskaya, Yoshkar-Olinskaya, Nizhny Tagil, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk missile divisions have been fully re-equipped with mobile-based Yars-S complexes. The Barnaul and Bologovskaya divisions are being re-equipped with mobile-based complexes and the Kozelsk division with a stationary-based complex.


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