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The military expert assessed the capabilities of the amphibious tank “Sprut”


The modernized amphibious tank “Sprut-SDM1” is a combat vehicle for both landing and fire support of tanks, Director of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis Alexander Mikhailov told Izvestia on November 27.

Earlier that day, Bekkhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the weapons complex of the state corporation Rostec, said that state tests of the world’s only light amphibious tank Sprut-SDM1 would be completed in 2022.

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“Imagine an armored vehicle with the firepower of a battle tank, but more than two times lighter in weight, which is dropped from an aircraft into a combat zone, and it lands safely and crosses a water barrier on the move, firing a 125-mm cannon directly from the water. … This is the work of “Sprut-SDM1”, – said the military expert.

According to him, the uniqueness of the Sprut-SDM1 vehicle is that it is a light amphibious tank capable of fighting enemy tanks, armored vehicles and manpower as part of various types of troops.

In addition to a 125-mm cannon, the vehicle is armed with a large-caliber machine gun that can be controlled remotely, and is also equipped with the latest electronic and software.

In fact, the Volgograd light tank has no analogues abroad, however, there are armored vehicles that are similar in their kind, Mikhailov emphasized.

“For example, the American BMP M2 Bradley, which, however, does not have a powerful cannon and can only hit tanks from ATGM installations,” added a military specialist.

Experts name among the potential competitors of the “Octopus” Polish light tank LC-08 Anders, developed on the basis of infantry fighting vehicles, the Swedish light tank CV90120-T, American Stingray and several other models, the expert concluded.

Earlier in July, the Indian Economic Times reported, citing military sources, that the Indian government had authorized the purchase of foreign light military tanks amid a military confrontation with China in East Ladakh.

Among the possible options, the publication named “Sprut-SDM1”, which in terms of their technical characteristics are similar to the T-72 and T-90 tanks operated by the country’s army.


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