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The latest Sky-M radars will be deployed in Russia


The airspace in the north of Russia and over the Arctic will be closed by the latest long-range radars “Sky-M”, sources in the defense department told Izvestia on November 16.

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According to them, radar stations (radars) have already been deployed and have begun to serve. With their help, an impenetrable radar belt was created. Radars are capable of detecting any aircraft flying at high altitude, for 600 km, medium-range ballistic missiles that rise high above the ground – for 1.8 thousand km.

The deployment of the system brings Russia closer to completing the formation of a single air defense circuit over the Northern Sea Route and the Arctic. As the military expert Vladislav Shurygin pointed out, against the background of aggravated competition of world powers in the Arctic, the restoration of a continuous zone of control over the airspace there is necessary to protect the economic interests of the country.

“The interests of the leading world powers have collided in the Arctic region. Disputes continue about the boundaries of the shelf and the ownership of resources on it. We constantly hear complaints against Russia because of the militarization of the North. But before our very eyes, NATO’s military activity is also growing there, ”the expert noted.

Shurygin predicted that as the climate warms and the ice recedes, the contradictions will only grow. Therefore, the deployment of a radar station in the Arctic is not only a practical step to strengthen air defense in the region, but also a demonstration of control over economically and strategically important territories.

Read more in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

Under the northern “Sky-M”: the Arctic will be closed by the latest radars


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