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The grenade launchers applied the Syrian experience in the Caucasus-2020 exercises


The grenade launchers of the Southern Military District (YuVO) near Volgograd destroyed cars filled with explosives as part of the Kavkaz-2020 strategic exercises based on the experience gained in Syria. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday, September 22.

Role for “Terminator”: a new type of armored vehicles is being tested. Exercises “Kavkaz-2020” will decide the fate of tank support combat vehicles

It is noted that the military disrupted the regrouping of the forces of conditional militants, who tried to use cars with explosives, as well as tanks as a distraction.

The servicemen opened fire from automatic grenade launchers “Flame” from a distance of up to 1.4 km and thwarted the offensive of the “enemy”. After that, motorized riflemen armed with RPG-7V grenade launchers “finished off” the conditional militants. Control of target destruction was carried out by calculations of complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Russian servicemen gained experience in blocking offensive actions of a simulated enemy using vehicles filled with explosives in neutralizing similar ones widely used by terrorists in Syria during attacks on checkpoints, checkpoints and other military facilities of government forces,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

The strategic exercises Kavkaz-2020 began in the Southern Military District on Monday, September 21. More than 80 thousand people were attracted to participate in them. In addition to the Russians, the military from Armenia, Belarus, China, Myanmar and Pakistan will participate in the exercises. The number of the foreign contingent will not exceed 1,000 people. Representatives of Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Sri Lanka will attend as observers.

The exercises will last until September 26, and will be led by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – First Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation Valery Gerasimov.


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