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The general explained the creation of a new command post for the Russian nuclear forces


Aytech Bizhev, the former deputy chief of the Russian Air Force for the Common Air Defense System of the CIS countries, told why Moscow decided to create a new command center for strategic nuclear forces.

At the security construction site: a new nuclear control center is being created in the Russian Federation.The ability of the armed forces to respond in a timely manner to potential military threats depends on these systems

The Lieutenant General stressed that the basis of management includes command posts of all levels. Moreover, all of them must meet modern requirements, since “the one who receives information more automated and faster wins.”

Bizhev explained that in managing nuclear forces, the decisive factor is reaction: whoever responds faster has an advantage. That is why it was decided to improve the existing system, switch to new data transmission formats, because the nuclear triad requires fast, reliable and flexible control.

Thus, after modernization, if the enemy prepares for a nuclear strike on Russia, the country’s leadership will know about this.

“Because reconnaissance is optical, radar, orbital, all this is closed to the control system. Even if the likely enemy thinks, the political leadership will already know. Not a single country can start a nuclear war in such a way that it is not known about it instantly, ”the NSN general was quoted as saying on November 11.

Earlier that day, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the country was nearing completion of the creation of a new secure nuclear command post.

According to him, the point will have almost absolute protection and will be able to survive even in the event of a nuclear strike.

The creation of a super-protected nuclear control center meets the challenges of the times as never before, Director of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis Alexander Mikhailov told Izvestia. He recalled that the United States withdrew from almost all international military agreements.


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