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The general called pressure to increase the number of exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation


The increase in the number of cases of interceptions of reconnaissance aircraft from Western countries and exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation can be regarded as pressure on the country. This opinion was expressed on Monday, December 14, by Colonel-General of Aviation Nikolai Antoshkin.

Frontier Syndrome: NATO activity has sharply increased off the coast of Russia US and Allied aircraft and navies have increased their presence in the Black Sea and the Arctic

“Recently, they have stepped up exercises. Any such events are pressure on Russia. This is not necessary, we have something to answer. We have people, equipment, weapons, and leadership. If something happens, we will take measures, ”the military said on the air of the NSN.

Antoshkin added that air superiority is influenced by the number of combat units. Russia, as he stressed, cannot compete with NATO in this indicator, so the country needs to focus on the quality of both equipment and personnel.

Earlier in December, the commander of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy, Admiral Alexander Nosatov, said that over a year, more than a thousand reconnaissance sorties were recorded near the Russian western border. In 2019, that number was down by about 150 departures.

The military also added that for the first time ever, strategic bombers made group flights in 2020.

The Russian Ministry of Defense regularly records the activity of NATO military aircraft near the state’s borders. In September, the British edition of The Times emphasized that the British military deliberately began to conduct active intelligence activities near the borders of the Russian Federation in order to study the “enemy”.


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