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The Baltic is strong: the region will be strengthened by coastal missile systems


The Baltic region will receive a missile shield and sword. The Ministry of Defense has decided to build up coastal forces in Kaliningrad. Next year a division of unique supersonic complexes “Bastion” will be deployed there. They are capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 600 km. Their appearance was a response to the strengthening of the NATO grouping in Europe. If necessary, coastal complexes will be able to hit not only ships, but also work on NATO ground bases.

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Baltic at gunpoint

The exact dates for the deployment of the complexes and the places of their future deployment are still being worked out. But the decision in principle to place the Bastions has already been made, Izvestia sources in the military department said.

The coastal missile forces in the Kaliningrad region are represented by the 27th separate brigade. The emergence of new technology there, and especially modern coastal missile systems (DBK), has caused serious concern among neighboring NATO member countries. The connection is based in the village of Donskoye, Svetlogorsk urban district, 30 km from the regional center. This settlement is located at the westernmost tip of the Zemland Peninsula, approximately at the same distance between the northern and southern borders of the region.

This location makes it possible to keep under control almost the entire Baltic Sea area adjacent to the Russian exclave, military historian Dmitry Boltenkov told Izvestia.

– In the 27th separate coastal missile brigade, two “Bastion” divisions and one armed with the “Ball” complex are already serving. Now this connection will be strengthened, – explained Boltenkov. – They will cover the entire Baltic Sea. These complexes do not know any blunders and pose a serious threat to warships. And in the event of aggression against Russia, they can strike at ground targets.

Mobile coastal complexes “Bastion” are armed with supersonic anti-ship missiles “Onyx”, capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 600 km. They are helped to find the enemy by airplanes, target designation helicopters with radar systems, ships and submarines, with which the DBK are combined into a single information circuit.

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Coastal complexes can destroy both single ships and floating craft as part of amphibious formations, convoys and aircraft carrier strike groups.

Also, due to the radar homing head, the Bastion missiles can hit ground targets with particular accuracy. Moreover, the missile’s range is even greater than that of the land-based Iskander.

The experience of Syria has shown that the “Bastions” work well against stationary and “limited mobile” ground targets – command posts, radar stations, airfields, helipads and artillery batteries.

Region of special importance

In 2018, MQ-9 reconnaissance drones of the 52nd US Air Force Expeditionary Operations Group were deployed in Poland on the border with the Kaliningrad region. Their equipment is capable of automatically detecting and plotting military radio signal sources on an electronic map of the area. Air groups also temporarily airlifted equipment to Romania and Estonia. The Pentagon does not hide that the task of the unit was to constantly monitor Russian military activity in the Baltic and around Kaliningrad. Almost every flight of the Aerospace Forces in this region is accompanied by NATO fighters on duty at the airfields of the Baltic states. At the same time, the Baltic countries regularly accuse the Russian aerospace forces of violating borders.

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“Russia has vulnerable territories, which include the Kaliningrad Region,” Inna Vetrenko, head of the Department of Management and Social Technologies of the North-West Institute of the RANEPA, told Izvestia. – The international situation is unstable, for a long time nothing has happened in relations with the NATO and EU countries. In these conditions, the strengthening of the military contingent is a logical step aimed at protecting Russia from the western direction. Recently, the same unhealthy activity has been observed around the exclave as around the Kuriles. This is not always included in the information agenda, but the alarming situation at these points is constant. One can also recall the regular statements by politicians of individual countries who say that the Kaliningrad region allegedly does not rightfully belong to Russia, and so on. Such voices are heard, for example, in Germany. The question was raised by the EU and Poland. If such claims are made, it is not just that. Actions may follow, so it is very important to strengthen the Russian exclave from all sides.

Izvestia has already reported that the Defense Ministry will send the Bal coastal complexes to the Baltic coast near St. Petersburg. This system is designed to protect the coast and straits, as well as cover for naval bases. She has the ability to fire single missiles and salvo of up to 32 subsonic missiles. After recharging (takes 30-40 minutes), the complex is ready to fire a second volley. DBK is a mobile system based on the MZKT-7930 chassis. It includes up to two self-propelled command posts, up to four launchers with eight Kh-35 / Kh-35U cruise missiles, as well as transport and reloading vehicles.

The range of the DBK is over 120 km. The complex is equipped with night vision devices and modern equipment. Thanks to the latest navigation system, the Ball can quickly change starting positions. Deployment time is only 10 minutes.


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