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The Baltic Fleet fulfilled the dream of a seriously ill child to fly a helicopter


The command of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy made the dream of a seriously ill boy come true. The child really wanted to fly a helicopter. This was announced on Friday, December 18, the press service of the fleet.

The command went to meet the parents, who turned to the command of the Baltic Fleet with a request to organize a flight.

First, at the Donskoye military airfield, the boy was given an excursion, after which he was allowed to sit in the cockpit of the rotorcraft. Then, on board the Mi-8, he made the long-awaited flight along the coast of the Baltic Sea in the Kaliningrad region.

The grateful kid presented the commander of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation formation, Major General Vadim Morozov, a small helicopter and a pilot’s figurine made of plasticine.

In response, Morozov presented the child with New Year’s gifts, including a helicopter designer.

On December 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to fulfill two wishes within the framework of the “Wish Tree” charity event.

The “Christmas tree of desires” in 2020 became the third in a row – the action is designed to help people in difficult situations.

Last December, Vladimir Putin chose the dream of Andrei Kochetov from the Stavropol Territory at the Christmas Tree of Desires: he wrote that he would like to visit the village of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi.

In 2018, Putin fulfilled Artyom Palyanov’s desire to ride a presidential helicopter over St. Petersburg.


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