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Tests of the heaviest Mi-26T2V helicopter will be completed in 2021


Tests of a prototype of the modernized heavy military transport helicopter Mi-26T2V will be completed in 2021, said on Tuesday, September 29, the general director of the Russian Helicopters holding, Andrey Boginsky.

Taking off with the crew: the authorities admitted the shortage of helicopters in the country There is not enough equipment for search and rescue operations and medical aviation

“ROC (Development work – Ed.) On this machine is going on, we expect to receive the letter” O1 “in the first half of next year”, – quoted by RIA Novosti.

The assignment of the letter “O1” occurs after the approval of the design documentation for the device.

On December 26, the Russian Helicopters Corporation and the Russian Ministry of Defense learned about the start of state tests of the world’s heaviest Mi-26T2V helicopter by the Russian Helicopters Corporation.

Earlier, Boginsky announced that the Mi-26T2V would be delivered to the Russian defense department in 2021.

The modernized Mi-26T2V is a heavy wide-body transport helicopter, its carrying capacity is 20 tons, the take-off weight reaches 56 tons. The helicopter is equipped with a modern integrated complex of onboard radio-electronic equipment NPK90-2V. This allows you to pilot the car at any time of the day with automatic flight along the route, exit to a predetermined point and approach.

The crew consists of five people. The Mi-26T2V onboard defense system provides protection against air defense missile systems.


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