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Surge with the wave: the Marines will receive new war machines


The Ministry of Defense is radically strengthening the Marines. The “black berets” are planning to put into service the BMP-3F, designed specifically for the fleet. These machines can operate not only on the coast, but also fire from the water. According to experts, thanks to the new technology, the firepower of the Marine units will grow significantly. They will be able, if necessary, to participate both in local conflicts and in clashes with modern armies. True, the final decision will be made only after the BMP-3F tests at the Caucasus-2020 exercises.

Again “troika”

During the Caucasus-2020 exercise, BMP-3F will operate on the Caspian coast. The final decision to re-equip the Marine Corps (MP) brigades with new combat vehicles will be made based on the results of these maneuvers, Izvestia sources in the military department said.

Help “Izvestia”

BMP-3F – “naval” modification of the most modern of those adopted by the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle. It differs from the basic version by increased buoyancy.

The machine is equipped with a lightweight water-reflecting flap, a telescopic air intake pipe, and water-reflecting flaps on the tower. It can move through the water with waves of three points (wave height up to one meter), and with waves of two points (wave height up to half a meter) it is capable of conducting aimed fire. The maximum speed on the highway is 70 km / h, afloat – up to 10 km / h. With the engine running, the machine can be continuously on the water for up to seven hours.

Surge with the wave: the marines will receive new combat vehicles_3

Surge with the wave: the Marines will receive new war machinesPhoto: Rosoboronexport

The combat vehicle carries an impressive arsenal – a 100-mm 2A40 cannon, which also serves as an ATGM launcher, a 30-mm 2A42 automatic cannon, as well as three 7.62-mm machine guns: two course and one coaxial with a gun.

Will be sent to jail: new equipment will be closed with combined screens of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles will receive additional protection

Of all the armored vehicles on which motorized riflemen, paratroopers and marines operate, the BMP-3 has the strongest armor. In frontal projection, it can withstand the impact of a 30-mm projectile. The side armor is capable of protecting the landing force from bullets and shrapnel.

In Soviet times, the marine brigades were equipped with BTR-80 and PT-76 amphibious tanks. After the service life of the latter came to an end, only armored personnel carriers remained in service with the “black berets”. Today, in the parks of the Marine Corps brigades, there are BTR-82s armed with 30mm automatic cannons. Two years ago, the Ministry of Defense decided to reinforce the MP formations with armor, and tank units were included in the staff of the brigades. However, heavy vehicles cannot be used at the first stage of an amphibious operation, when it is necessary to land on an enemy-held coast and seize a bridgehead.

“The main tanks can be landed when a section of the coast is captured at least near the water’s edge,” military expert Viktor Murakhovsky told Izvestia. – But a floating vehicle with seaworthiness, at least not worse than an armored personnel carrier, but with more powerful weapons, is extremely necessary for the Marine Corps. BMP-3 has proven itself well in combat. The 100mm cannon is good at hitting covered targets. There are guided missiles to combat armored vehicles. Compared to armored personnel carriers, the BMP-3 has better maneuverability thanks to its tracked base.

Surge with the wave: the marines will receive new combat vehicles_2

Surge with the wave: the Marines will receive new war machinesPhoto: Rosoboronexport

With the new vehicles, the firepower of the Marine Corps units will grow exponentially, noted military historian Dmitry Boltenkov.

Shield and beam: infantry fighting vehicles will receive new protection and a powerful laser The Ministry of Defense has agreed to equip the BMP-3 with additional equipment

“The BMP-3 is essentially a light tank, the armored personnel carrier is incomparable with it in terms of firepower,” he told Izvestia. – On armored personnel carriers it is impossible to effectively resist an enemy with heavy weapons. With the new combat vehicles, the Marines will be able to fight against tanks, and when landing on the coast, unleash a barrage of fire on the enemy.

Tested by the sea

Despite the fact that the naval modification of the BMP-3 was developed more than 10 years ago, these vehicles have not yet been received by the Russian troops. The only country armed with the BMP-3F was Indonesia. The first contract for the supply of a trial batch of 17 combat vehicles for the marines of this state was signed in 2009. Another 37 units were purchased in 2012 for $ 114 million.

The Indonesian marines noted the high power of the BMP-3F weapons, its low silhouette, efficient water jet propulsion, reliability and ease of maintenance.

In addition to Russian vehicles, Indonesia planned to purchase Ukrainian amphibious armored personnel carriers-4. But on tests, their seaworthiness was insufficient. In 2019, the military of the Asian country signed an additional contract with Rosoboronexport for another 22 BMP-3F and 21 BT-3F tracked armored personnel carriers designed on their basis. The order value was $ 175.2 million.

In March this year, it became known about the plans of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense to increase the number of BT-3F in the marines to 100 units. For the purchase of 79 armored personnel carriers in Russia, it asked the government for another $ 286 million.

Surge with the wave: the marines will receive new combat vehicles_1

Surge with the wave: the Marines will receive new war machinesPhoto: Rosoboronexport

“Indonesia now has at least two battalions in these vehicles,” said Viktor Murakhovsky. – Considering that this is an island country, the Indonesian marines have fully experienced all the capabilities of the BMP-3F. They not only carried out the landing of troops from ships, but also made small transitions between the islands on them.

Cool “Berezhok”: the army will receive the first battalions of new BMP-2M For two years, 124 modernized infantry vehicles with a modern combat module will be delivered to the troops

The marines are the only type of troops capable of landing both from the sea and from the air. In recent years, these compounds have been significantly strengthened, and their functionality has been expanded. Today, the Russian Navy has five brigades and a separate regiment of “black berets”. The 61st Brigade, which is deployed on the Kola Peninsula, is serving in the Northern Fleet. The Black Sea Fleet includes the 810th brigade from Sevastopol. The Pacific Fleet has two formations: the 155th brigade is deployed in Vladivostok, and the 40th brigade is deployed in Kamchatka. The Baltic Fleet has the 336th brigade in the Kaliningrad region. The Caspian Flotilla includes the 177th regiment, whose units are located in Astrakhan and Kaspiysk.

In the future, the “black berets” will become expeditionary forces capable of acting in the interests of Russia abroad: to participate in local conflicts, conduct humanitarian operations, evacuate Russian citizens, etc. MP formations are reinforced by reconnaissance and tank battalions, and also undergo more in-depth training than motorized riflemen. In particular, the Marines learn foreign languages ​​and tactics in local conflicts.

In the new status, the Marines will be able to conduct humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, evacuate Russian citizens and, in general, perform a wide range of military-political tasks.

The decision to reformat the Marine Corps was made following an analysis of the combat operations of these units in Syria. There, the “black berets” took under protection the naval base of Tartus, and also repeatedly participated in the performance of combat missions.


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