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Su-30SM2 will take off with a new engine by the end of 2020


A modification of the Su-30SM2 fighter, equipped with a new AL-41F-1C variable wind thrust engine, will take to the air by the end of 2020.

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“A more powerful engine from a Su-35 will give a greater thrust reserve. This means an increased amount of ammunition and equipment that an aircraft can carry on board. The variable thrust vector gives the aircraft the ability to conduct a maneuverable air battle, ”Honored Test Pilot Colonel Igor Malikov told Izvestia.

According to him, when a fighter quickly changes its position, the instruments must confidently track the movement of targets, and the pilot must be able to use air-to-air missiles at them.

In addition, the fighter also has upgraded optics, radar and surveillance systems. Experts note that at the moment the Su-30SM in the basic configuration are the most numerous modern air assets in service with Russia and its closest allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

The AL-41F-1S engine with an all-aspect controlled thrust vector is known as the “Product 117S”. Compared to the Su-30SM power plant, which the fighter is currently equipped with, the thrust of the new engine has been increased by 16%, up to 14,500 kgf. The service life of the aircraft engine doubled at once, up to 4 thousand hours, without increasing the mass and dimensions.

For more details, see the exclusive material of Izvestia:

Surge of power: Su-30SM2 will take off with a new engine by the end of the year


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