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Su-27 intercepted a US B-52 bomber over the Black Sea


Two Su-27 fighters flew to intercept the US B-52 strategic bomber over the Black Sea. This was reported by the National Defense Control Center of Russia on Friday, August 28.

According to the ministry, on Friday, Russian airspace control over the neutral waters of the Black Sea discovered an air target approaching the state border of the country.

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“To identify the air target and prevent violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, two Su-27 fighters from the air defense forces of the Southern Military District were taken into the air,” RIA Novosti quoted the center as saying.

The fighter crews approached the US Air Force B-52H to a safe distance. When the foreign military aircraft turned away from the Russian state border, the Su-27s returned to their home base.

“The entire flight of the Russian Su-27 fighters took place strictly in accordance with the international rules for the use of airspace,” the department added.

Violations of the state border of Russia were not allowed.

Earlier on Friday, the Su-27 climbed to intercept reconnaissance aircraft from the United States, Sweden and Denmark over the Baltic Sea. The aerial targets were identified as the US Air Force RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the Swedish Air Force’s Gulf Stream reconnaissance aircraft and the Danish Air Force’s Challenger reconnaissance aircraft. They also did not violate the state borders of Russia and turned around. After that, the Russian fighter returned to the airfield.

In addition, the Su-27 took off to intercept the American RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea.


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