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Strategic missile carrier Tu-95MS completed drone control


The crew of one of the strategic missile carriers TU-95MS of the Russian Aerospace Forces practiced control of the drone from the aircraft. This was reported on December 23 by TASS on the Day of Long-Range Aviation, citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

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“Recently, flight tests were carried out, during which the interaction of the Tu-95MS with the drone was worked out, that is, the control of the drone from the aircraft was practiced,” the agency’s interlocutor said, specifying that a combat missile carrier was involved in the tests, retrofitted with special equipment to control the drone.

According to him, such interaction in the future can be used in additional reconnaissance of the location of moving targets when the “strategist” is in the air. In addition, the drone can be used as an air decoy to distract enemy air defense forces.

The source did not specify which drone was involved in the tests, and whether similar drills were carried out with the Okhotnik heavy shock stealth drone, while not excluding the possibility of such tests in the future.

On December 17, the American journal The National Interest wrote that the Russian Tu-95MS four-engine propeller-driven bomber, developed back in the 1950s, continues to be a weapon that “can destroy the world.”


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