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Southern Military District will receive ultra-long-range howitzers


The 2S35 “Coalition-SV” ultra-long-range howitzers will enter service with the Southern Military District. Sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense told Izvestia about this on Monday, January 18.

Lumpy “Msta”: robotic gun mounts will come to the south of Russia In the coming years, the Southern Military District will be re-equipped with the latest version of self-propelled guns

Currently, tests of an experimental batch of these howitzers are being completed, firing new high-precision shells for 70 kilometers or more. In terms of their capabilities, they are twice as high as modern domestic and foreign samples.

Military expert Vladislav Shurygin emphasized that all the latest technology goes first to the Southern and Western military districts, which border NATO countries. According to him, artillery has always been a strong point of the Russian army, and highly effective Coalitions will continue this tradition.

It is noted that the innovative firing mode “Flurry of Fire” became a feature of the howitzer. The control system is capable of simultaneously covering the target with several shells from one weapon. In this regard, each of them is fired along a precisely calculated individual trajectory at different angles.

In addition, along with the traditional tracked version of the “Coalition-SV”, the development of a version installed on KamAZ trucks is underway. Thus, it becomes possible to preserve all the advantages of a long-range weapon and an automated combat module, and at the same time the howitzer becomes more mobile when moving on ordinary roads.

Read more in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

Coalition is in the lead: long-range howitzers will be sent south


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