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Shoigu spoke about the uniqueness of Russia’s operation in Syria


The operation of the Russian armed forces in Syria, aimed at combating international terrorism and designed to preserve the Middle East state, has become unique. This is stated in an article by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, published on September 30 in the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper and dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Syrian campaign.

According to the head of the defense department, in September 2015 the question was neither more nor less – about the further existence of Syria as a state entity. Terrorists controlled more than 70% of the country’s territory, continuing to attack in all directions, pushing government troops from their positions.

When tomorrow comes: what Russia will do in Syria after the end of the war The interaction between Moscow and Damascus is fraught with serious dangers for both countries

“In fact, we can say that it was the first full-fledged terrorist army – well-organized and cohesive, trained, well-armed. The terrorists wanted to create a special state quasi-formation of “Iraq and the Levant” (IS, banned in the Russian Federation. – Ed.) “, – said Shoigu.

He reminds that the militants wanted to live according to their perverted pseudo-laws.

“These barbarians were thirsty for prey, for which they planned to engage in robbery and slave trade at the systemic international level, control financial flows from the illegal sale of natural resources, trade in valuable objects of cultural heritage, and those artifacts that did not find demand on the black market were simply destroyed“ for unnecessary “. At some point, it became clear that this force was no longer a direct threat to the region, but to the whole world. Including Russia. It was a structure that planned to impose its own “order” on all mankind in the future, “the minister writes.

Only thanks to the intervention of Russia, to which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad turned for help, these plans were not destined to come true.

Dozens of units of military and special equipment, hundreds of servicemen, as well as impressive stocks of materiel were quickly deployed over a distance of over 2,500 km in compliance with unprecedented camouflage measures. By the beginning of the operation, there were 50 modern and modernized aircraft (34 aircraft and 16 helicopters) at the Khmeimim airbase, units of combat, logistics, security and Special Operations Forces were concentrated. At the same time, Russian military advisers were sent to all the military command and control bodies of the Syrian army, up to the battalion level.

“I will not hide: even today, after a while, the fulfillment of that initial task is called a unique operation. For many, the appearance of such a powerful formation at such a distance from Russian territory, from the main bases of the army and navy, came as a real surprise, ”noted Sergei Shoigu.

The armed conflict in Syria has been going on since 2011. To date, most of the country’s territory has been taken under the control of government forces.


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