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Shoigu presented the Army Cup to the Russian team


Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu presented the Cup of the International Army Games to the Russian team, which became the absolute winner in the overall team event. On September 5, TASS reports.

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According to the minister, there are winners and no losers in the International Army Games. As the games progressed, new friends and masters emerged, he added.

Shoigu stressed that during the competition the strongest, most experienced and courageous meet, and thanked the representatives of the armies of 32 states who came to Russia and other countries hosting the army games to take part in 30 competitions.

“This means that an additional 30 best in their profession, in their business – 30 best crews, 30 best commanders, gunners, gunners, 30 best crews of airplanes and ships,” – said the Russian minister.

He thanked the five countries that have hosted the games this year. Words of gratitude were expressed to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Russia.

Army International Games next year will receive a number of innovations that will help improve combat training, he added. The innovations will be aimed at improving the training of personnel, the use of military equipment and weapons.

The International Army Games are in fact the only competitions in the world that have been held in a pandemic, Shoigu added.

Earlier on Saturday, Russian tankers won the final relay race in the VI Army tank biathlon program, which took place at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. The Chinese team took second place. The third were tankers from Belarus, and the fourth – from Azerbaijan.

The closing ceremony of the International Army Games in the Moscow Region ended with a fireworks display in the colors of the Russian tricolor. More than 50 fireworks were fired into the sky, the domes of the ruptures exceeded 300 m in diameter.


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