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Shoigu congratulated tankers on their professional holiday


Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu congratulated the servicemen and workers of enterprises of the military-industrial complex and called the invaluable contribution of tank soldiers to ensuring the protection and security of Russia.

With armor and fire: what supertanks can do and how to hit the target the first time. On the Day of the Tankman Izvestia show the newest T-72B3M and T-80BVM

“Throughout the history of the existence of armored forces, their personnel honorably fulfill their official duty, demonstrate unparalleled courage and courage, dedication and devotion to the Fatherland. The contribution of soldiers-tankers to ensuring the protection and security of our Motherland is truly invaluable, ”says the congratulatory order of the head of the military department.

The Minister also highly appreciated the work of the design teams and workers of industrial enterprises and noted that their work meets “advanced world standards.”

He thanked all those involved “for conscientious service and military work” and wished good health, happiness, prosperity and new successes for the good of Russia.

Tanker’s Day has been celebrated annually since 2006 in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the second Sunday of September (in 2020 it falls on September 13).

On September 5, Russian tankers won the final relay race in the VI Army tank biathlon program, which took place at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. The Chinese team took second place. The third were tankers from Belarus, and the fourth – from Azerbaijan.


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