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Shoigu called the timing of the joint exercises with Belarus “West-2021”


The Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises West-2021, aimed at strengthening the military security of the Union State, will be held in September 2021. This was stated by the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu on Friday, December 4, at a conference call.

The paratrooper’s shadow: how Minsk and Moscow agreed on military exercises In the parliament of Belarus, the upcoming maneuvers are not connected with the political situation in the republic

“The most important event for practicing the practical actions of the troops will be the Russian-Belarusian strategic exercise Zapad-2021, scheduled for September, aimed at further strengthening the military security of the Union State,” the Minister of Defense said.

He added that preparations for the International Army Games will continue next year, including two new competitions – “Tactical Shooter” for army tactical shooting and “Meridian” for military topographers. In addition, a competition for the deployment of a field hospital will be held within the framework of the All-Army Competition.

The minister stressed that strict implementation of the plans for the preparation of the academic year “will allow maintaining a high level of combat capability of the troops and adequately react to possible aggravation of the military-political situation.”

The head of the defense department noted that in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus, all events will be held in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological measures.

In late November, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin announced a joint exercise with Russia in 2021. He stressed that the maneuvers will be larger than the exercises “Slavic Brotherhood”, which took place in the fall of this year.

At the end of October, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced that the Zapad-2021 exercise will be a key event next year and will be held on the territory of the republic.

The planned joint tactical exercises of the two countries “Slavic Brotherhood” were held from September 14 to 25 at the Belarusian training ground Brestsky. They were attended by units of the Pskov Guards Airborne Force.


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