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Set of Russian military equipment Ratnik scaled

Set of Russian military equipment “Ratnik-2”

The new set of combat equipment “Ratnik-2” is able to increase the target detection range at night and in conditions of limited visibility by one and a half times. In addition, the accuracy of small arms fire increases 1.6 times.

These kits have already been received by more than 70 percent of the Army personnel. According to the information support group of the RF Ground Forces, such modern “armor” made it possible to double the combat capabilities of the soldiers.

“Ratnik-2” began to enter serially into service with the Russian army in 2017.

For several years, it has proven its effectiveness. Our soldiers have already tested this equipment for the soldiers of the future in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Arctic and in the hot sands of Syria. Everywhere combat equipment showed itself from the best side.

Of course, as in any new form, the Russian military reveals certain flaws in the Ratnik, but the equipment manufacturers, together with the military, are trying to quickly eliminate all the shortcomings.

For example, in the course of improvements, it was possible to reduce the weight of the kit to 24 kg, which allowed the military to be more mobile on the battlefield. The work on improving the “Ratnik” combat equipment is being carried out constantly.

An undoubted advantage of the military is the appearance in the equipment of the sighting complex, which can work both day and night, of a unified optical and thermal imaging sight.

If we talk about the set of the “soldier of the future” as a whole, then “Warrior” is a modular system consisting of 10 different subsystems, which can change depending on the combat situation and climatic conditions.

For this equipment, the latest small arms were specially created, for example, AK-12 and AEK assault rifles, special sniper systems.

The kit includes more than 40 elements, including personal body armor systems, communications, target designation and navigation equipment

The “Ratnik” includes protection kits, such as a bulletproof vest that can withstand a sniper rifle shot at close range and an armored helmet that reliably protects against shrapnel, the latest communication equipment.

The “Ratnik” even includes a headset with active noise cancellation, which muffles the roar of shots, but at the same time amplifies quiet sounds.

The “brain” of the equipment is the “Sagittarius” command, reconnaissance and communications complex built into it. It can work 12 hours on one battery in continuous communication mode at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 60 degrees.

Thanks to him, the fighter will not be able to get lost during the transition or get lost on the battlefield. To do this, the soldier only needs to press a button, and the information is immediately transmitted to the device.

The commander, using a small tablet, protected from impacts, dust and water, can track the location of all the fighters of his unit on a satellite map and, in addition, understand whether a fighter is wounded or not. The location of all fighters is updated in real time.

Also, with the help of a tablet, the commander is able to transmit text messages, receive a photo or video of the object, and indicate new targets on the map. It is worth noting that the “Archer” is equipped with electronic sights and helmet-mounted monitors, which allows the fighter to shoot from behind cover.

Now active work is underway to create “Ratnik-3”. Some elements of this costume have already been demonstrated at various exhibitions and aroused the interest of both Russian and Western experts.

A helmet with an electronic visor will appear in it, which will help to direct the weapon along the laser beam. A novelty will be a combat exoskeleton, the autonomy of which will be brought to 24 hours.

It will help a soldier move at speeds up to 20 km / h and carry up to 100 kg of ammunition and equipment, and even shoot a machine gun with one hand. The military will be able to use for reconnaissance a pocket drone capable of monitoring within a kilometer radius.

Such a drone can not only observe the enemy, but also find a target, as well as fly around a given square or a designated point. In addition, in “Ratnik-3” there will be anti-mine shoes, a special chameleon cape, which, like an invisibility cloak from fairy tales, will allow a soldier to merge with the terrain and remain unnoticed by the enemy.

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