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Serial production of the newest Bulat missile will begin in 2022


Serial production of the newest Bulat guided missile is scheduled for 2022. This was announced on Friday, November 27, by the industrial director of the armaments complex of the state corporation Rostec Bekkhan Ozdoev.

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“We are making an experimental batch of Bulatov for preliminary tests as part of a combat vehicle. Given that the completion of development work is generally planned at the end of 2021, the serial production of these guided missiles is planned to begin in 2022, “RIA Novosti reports.

According to Ozdoev, flight tests of the missile, designed to destroy lightly armored vehicles, were completed with a positive result in September, and its stable flight at the maximum range in the entire operating temperature range was confirmed.

“Bulat” is planned to be used in addition to anti-tank guided missiles “Kornet”, reported in the holding “High-Precision Complexes”, an enterprise – the developer of weapons (part of “Rostec”).

The start of the Bulat flight tests was announced in August. The missile is capable of hitting targets at a distance of at least 3 km – both lightly armored enemy vehicles and low-flying targets – drones and helicopters.

Small-sized guided “Bulats” will add additional firepower to the “Cornets” and will occupy the firing niche between the anti-tank guided missile and the gun of the combat vehicle, experts explained.


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