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Russian radar “Container” was able to detect NATO “stealth” planes


The first over-the-horizon radar station (radar) “Container”, which entered combat duty in 2019, has confirmed its ability to detect stealthy aircraft at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the state border of Russia. This was reported on December 1 in the press service of RTI.

Under the northern “Sky-M”: the Arctic will be closed by the latest radars Complexes in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug will take control of the airspace over the Arctic

The radar station is located in Mordovia and, according to the Ministry of Defense, since December 2019, it has detected and determined the trajectory parameters of strategic, reconnaissance and tactical aircraft, including flights of stealth fighters from NATO countries (such aircraft include the F-22 and F-35).

In January 2020, it became known that Russian air defense systems had spotted six American fifth-generation F-35 stealth fighters near the borders of Iran.

At that time, it was not specified which means were detected by the fighters, however, experts believed that it was a question of the “Container” radar station.

Over-the-horizon radars are a type of radar designed for ultra-long-range reconnaissance of airspace.


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