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Russian military signalmen celebrate their professional holiday


The signalmen of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces) on Tuesday, October 20, celebrate a professional holiday. It was on that day in 1919 that special communications troops were formed.

Signals from the Moscow Region met this day at a combat post in Vlasikha, where the Central Command Post of the Strategic Missile Forces is located.

We are talking about a real underground city, from where the Strategic Missile Forces are controlled. Military signalmen provide high-quality communications at a strategic point and assess whether there is interference in its work.

This year, the Strategic Missile Forces have completely switched to digital technologies for transmitting information; new digital systems for transmitting information for missile divisions have entered service with the troops.

The Strategic Missile Forces in Russia are now equipped with the latest digital equipment, in particular, digital radio relay stations.

In early October, Western analysts acknowledged that the Russian Armed Forces are now more combat-ready than at any time since the end of the Cold War. This is stated in the report of the London International Institute for Strategic Studies Russia’s Military Modernization: An Assessment.


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