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Russian intelligence officers completed the assault on a building in Belarus


Russian intelligence officers, together with their Belarusian colleagues, worked out the assault on the building during the first stage of the international army competition “Polar Star” in Belarus. This was announced on Friday, August 28, at the RF Ministry of Defense.

According to the agency, a group of Russian servicemen landed from a helicopter, after which they conducted an assault, freed the “hostages” and cleared the building.

Then, according to the Ministry of Defense, the remaining scouts covered their partners and cleared the outer perimeter. It is noted that the assault was carried out in pouring rain in adverse weather conditions.

“The Russian paratroopers have yet to perform the exercises” Jump for landing accuracy as part of the special forces group “and” Landing of the special forces group following the cargo “, after which the results of the first stage will be summed up,” the message says.

Earlier, on August 26, it was reported that the Russian paratroopers within the first stage of the international army competition “Polar Star” in Belarus worked out a number of exercises, including the storming of the building with the release of the hostages.


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