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Russian fighter escorted the third foreign plane of the day


The MiG-29 fighter on Monday, September 7, escorted the RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the British Air Force over the Barents Sea. This was reported by the National Center for Defense Management (NTSUO) of the Russian Federation. This is the third such incident of escorting a foreign aircraft over the Barents Sea that day.

Russian control devices spotted an air target flying towards the state border over the neutral waters of the Barents Sea. A MiG-29 fighter from the air defense forces of the Northern Fleet was taken into the air.

“The crew of the Russian fighter identified the air target as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the British Air Force RC-135 and escorted it over the water area of ​​the Barents Sea,” the NTSUO said.

Earlier on 7 September, a Norwegian Air Force and a British Air Force strategic reconnaissance aircraft R1 Sentinel were intercepted in the same area.

Last week, similar interceptions of Norwegian aircraft occurred four times: 1, 3, 4 and 5 September. On September 3, the MiG-31 also intercepted US and British reconnaissance aircraft over the Barents Sea.


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