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Russian anti-aircraft gunners repulsed a missile strike at exercises near Astrakhan


Anti-aircraft gunners of five formations from the Central, Eastern and Southern military districts repulsed a massive attack of ballistic and cruise missiles of a mock enemy during exercises at the Kapustin Yar training ground in the Astrakhan region.

According to the Ministry of Defense, for this purpose the servicemen have created an echeloned air defense system. The basis of the air defense grouping was made up of the S-300V4, Buk-M3, Tor-M2 complexes, Typhoon-Air Defense combat vehicles with Verba MANPADS.

“The peculiarity of the conducted exercise was that for the first time centralized combat work was carried out at the training ground on the group firing of targets of various types. At the same time, the raid of various air attack weapons was carried out simultaneously, ”the department explained.

The Ministry of Defense added that the latest complex “Adjutant” was used to create targets, which is capable of imitating both helicopters and cruise missiles.

First, the S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile systems repelled the strike of aeroballistic missiles. Then the combat crews “Buk-M3” and “Tor-M2” came into play, which hit the conditional enemy’s cruise missiles.

The remaining targets hit the Typhoon-Air Defense vehicles.

In early October, Izvestia, citing sources in the Ministry of Defense, wrote that a new air defense control system was first tested at the Kavkaz-2020 exercises, uniting the complexes of all three types of troops: the Aerospace, Land and Navy.


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