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Russia has developed a nano-UAV for the “soldier of the future”


The St. Petersburg company “Kronstadt” on October 19 announced the development of a nano-UAV to equip the “soldier of the future.”

There were “Hunters”: the military will receive heavy unmanned fighters 20-ton C-70 jet drones will take part in the program of flight and ground tests

“We have designed and manufactured a nano-UAV weighing 180 g. It is needed to solve a number of specialized military tasks, in particular to equip the“ soldiers of the future ”,” says a statement on the company’s website.

The developers noted that the devices were tested on a specially created “obstacle course”: with flying over and over through rubble and destroyed rooms, windows and doors of buildings, and through spaces hidden from the eyes of the drone operator.

“These devices can already now in manual and semi-automatic modes overcome difficult obstacles, see the environment and determine the exact location of various objects and people. This is especially important when conducting search and rescue operations, monitoring and examining complex and closed objects, “- emphasized the creators of the nanosupport.

The company added that, in addition to military applications, nano-UAVs could be useful in protecting airspace over strategic civilian objects, such as power plants.

It became known last week that a heavy vertical take-off drone developed by the Russian design bureau Aviaresheniya could be used to evacuate people lost in the forest, writes.

In early October, it was reported that Mi-28NM combat helicopters will be able to launch mini-drones and kamikaze drones from guiding missiles.


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