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Russia has created a target complex with UAVs for testing weapons


Russia has completed state tests of the newest target complex with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to the press service of Technodinamika (part of Rostec).

There were “Hunters”: the military will receive heavy unmanned fighters 20-ton C-70 jet drones will take part in the program of flight and ground tests

The tests, which took place in the center of scientific and technical services “Dynamics”, were carried out in full. During the tests, all the specified flight technical and operational characteristics of the complex were confirmed.

“The complex is designed to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters when testing experimental and modernized weapons and other targets,” TASS wrote on Thursday, October 29.

The press service noted that obtaining a preliminary conclusion on the possibility of releasing an installation batch of a complex with a UAV made it possible to start serial production of drones. To this end, the company put into operation a new workshop for serial assembly and integration of components.

On October 20, it was reported that the Ruselectronics holding, which is part of Rostec, presented a module that is capable of detecting drones by sound. The launch of its serial production is scheduled for 2021.


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