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Russia conducted exercises to destroy an enemy ship in the Black Sea


The frigate of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) of Russia “Admiral Makarov” together with the crews of the coastal anti-ship complexes “Bastion” conducted an exercise to destroy the enemy ship. This was announced on Monday, February 1, at the Black Sea Fleet Information Support Department.

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“The Black Sea Fleet conducted a joint exercise of naval forces and coastal anti-ship missile systems to repel an attack and destroy a mock enemy’s surface ship,” the message says.

According to the legend of the exercises, the mock enemy ship intended to strike at the coastal facilities of the Black Sea Fleet. The frigate worked out the search for the ship, after which the “Admiral Makarov” conditionally hit it with the “Caliber-NK” missile system. Then Bastion’s crews were conditionally shot at the ship.

It is noted that the exercises were conducted in accordance with the combat training plan of the Black Sea Fleet. The training battle took place without the actual use of rocket weapons.

“The combat crews of the Bastion missile defense complex and the crew of the frigate Admiral Makarov successfully completed all the tasks of the exercise,” the Black Sea Fleet stressed.

In recent months, US warships have been reported to be active near Russian borders. So, on January 28, it became known that the US Navy destroyer Porter entered the Black Sea. Then the silts of the Black Sea Fleet began tracking the actions of the ship.

Earlier, on January 23, the American destroyer Donald Cook also entered the Black Sea. Russian naval officers then also tracked the actions of the American vessel.

Then it became known that “Porter” and “Donald Cook” carried out a naval operation in the Black Sea.

In December 2020, the American magazine The National Interest reported that the military exercises of the US Navy and its NATO allies in the Black Sea were “a warning to Russia.”

In the same month, the Russian Foreign Ministry worried about the build-up of NATO military forces in the Black Sea, noting that the number of calls by NATO navies at the Black Sea ports of allies and partners, and flights of reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles along the Russian borders is increasing.


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