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Rostec began developing a universal sight for small arms


Russia has begun to develop a new collimator sight for submachine guns, assault rifles, carbines and machine guns, Vadim Malinnikov, head of the small arms development department at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering, which is part of the Rostec state corporation, said on September 17.

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“The use of collimator equipment will expand the tactical capabilities of small arms and increase their combat effectiveness,” RIA Novosti quotes Malinnikov.

According to him, the main advantages of the developed sight are the presence of a monolithic and sealed body without additional parts, a quick-release mechanism, a continuous operation time of about 30 thousand hours, and the possibility of using two types of power sources.

On September 7 it became known. that the state corporation “Rostec” received a land plot of 500 hectares in the suburbs of Podolsk for testing weapons.


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