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Putin declared the inadmissibility of Russia’s lagging behind in the field of armaments


When carrying out the rearmament of the Russian army, one must not allow a situation in which Moscow will find itself catching up and begging, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on December 21 during a speech at an expanded meeting of the board of the Russian Defense Ministry.

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“The worst thing is what to do, what shouldn’t be allowed? It’s catching up and asking. And if we don’t have to catch up again, then we don’t need to ask, ”he reminded of folk wisdom.

In this regard, Putin noted that it is important not to miss new trends in the creation and development of military equipment.

“The speed of change in the scientific and technical sphere is extremely high, it is very important not to miss anything, to carefully observe what opportunities open up in connection with development,” the Russian leader said.

He stressed that Russia cannot afford to rest on its laurels and there is no chance of conceding in anything to other states.

“You and I know and must be aware that the leading armies of the world are spending enormous resources incomparable with us in order to ensure their superiority. We have no chance, no chance of losing anything to them. I want it to be clear for everyone, ”Putin said.

In addition, during the meeting, the Russian leader pointed out the need to use artificial intelligence in weapons, which, according to the head of state, will determine the outcome of the battle in the future.


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