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Putin announced the creation of a new control center for nuclear forces


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, November 11, announced the creation of a new nuclear control center, the safety margin of which will be extremely high.

Sights and objectives: the share of modern weapons in the nuclear forces of the Russian Federation has reached 82% The country does not intend to get involved in a costly arms race, but will continue to strengthen its military potential

“As I was informed, the creation of a new command post with almost absolute protection, including strategic nuclear forces, is at the final stage. Its safety margin will be extremely high, ”the head of state said during a meeting on the nuclear triad with the leadership of the Defense Ministry, federal departments and defense industry enterprises. The portal conducts video broadcast of the meeting.

At the meeting, the head of state also noted the expansion of the analytical and operational capabilities of the control systems for the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. According to him, in recent years, much has been done to ensure that all elements of the strategic nuclear forces are maintained at the highest level.

On the eve of November 10, Putin stressed that the arms control system in the world is degrading and shaking. The fate of the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START), which expires in February 2021, also remains unclear, he also recalled.

In October, Putin proposed extending the START Treaty for at least a year without additional conditions, during which time meaningful negotiations should be held. However, the US refused this offer.


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